Designer and art director in Brooklyn, NY focused on interactive content and the intersection of digital and physical spaces.

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IBM Experience Centers

A series of immersive, industry-specific narratives that demystify IBM's artificial intelligence offerings for business leaders.

Fake Love Brand Refresh

A renewed website and social media presence for Fake Love, The New York Times experience agency.

Offstage: Opening Night

Titles for a New York Times virtual event celebrating the interrupted 2019–2020 Broadway season.

London Mithraeum

An interactive, immersive exhibit surrounding the ruins of an ancient temple, originally built in 240 AD.

Fashion for Good Website

A website for an incubation space in Amsterdam promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

Dropbox at TED

A participatory booth bringing Dropbox's “Find Your Flow" campaign to the TED conference.

ArtLens Mobile App

A gallery guide for the Cleveland Museum of Art.

ARoS Public

A series of interactive installations at a museum in Denmark to facilitate conversation around art.

MetLife: Patterns of Life

Custom software that translates the unseen patterns of life into on-brand, particle-based animations.


An interactive, 10,000 square-foot space in NYC's Oculus promoting the improvement of work culture.