ARoS Public

ARoS Public

Visual design, signage and UX for a series of interactive installations at ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark.

Each piece employs a unique interaction paradigm based on one of three ways to experience art—sight, creation, or discussion—to help visitors think critically about the museum's collection and, by extension, visual matter as a whole.

“The Art of Looking" tracks visitors' eyes as they are given a short time to explore a piece of art, then providing insight about their viewing patterns and points of fixation.

After pressing a button to begin, the interaction sequence is completed exclusively with the visitor's gaze.

Prior to landing on the final look, a variety of explorations were undertaken to determine the best way to visualize viewing patterns.

“The Art of Creation" is an interactive photo booth that visitors use to create personalized images with details of artwork from the museum's collection.

Our prototype for the interaction.

“The Art of Commentary" is a recording booth where visitors are asked to discuss a question about an artwork of their choosing.

A gif created with speech-to-text technology, as well as a video of the conversation with the artwork overlaid, is sent to the visitor as a souvenir.


ARoS Art Museum


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UX Design Award
SEGD Finalist
Fast Co. Innovation by Design

Design Lead, UX Support

Danny Well

Creative/Art Director

Elvira Barriga

Software Development

Oriol Ferrer Mesià, Nicole Messier, Charles DiMaggio, Sundar Raman, Andreas Borg


Katia Davidson-Ferrara, Keeli Shaw

Concept and Strategy

Nathan Adkisson


Edward Blake, Chris Schnaars, Oriol Ferrer-Mesià, Danny Well

Architectural Design

Anthony Dong

Concept Design

Duy Pham