London Mithraeum

London Mithraeum

Exhibition graphics and interactive kiosks for a permanent exhibit surrounding the remains of an ancient temple, originally built by the Cult of Mithras in 240 AD.

As visitors descend to Roman street level, they are surrounded by geologic stratigraphy that identifies historical events in reverse-chronological order.

Three interactive kiosks allow guests to explore the most illuminating Mithraic artifacts discovered at the site.

In the final room, the temple ruins are recreated through light and haze.


Bloomberg L.P.


Local Projects


D&AD Yellow Pencil
ADC Award
SEGD Honor

Design Lead

Danny Well


Jake Barton

Art Director

Paul Hoppe


Katia Davidson-Ferrara, Kristen Svorka

Design Team

Myles Bryan, John Ryan, Elvira Barriga, Jenny Kutnow, Vidya Santosh

Software Development

Avi Grayson, Matt Lohmann


Studio Joseph (Exhibition Architect)
Foster + Partners (Project Architect)