IBM Experience Centers

IBM Experience Centers

Narrative development, design, UX and graphic production for a series of site-specific, speculative visualizations of the wide-ranging applications of IBM's artificial intelligence software.

The custom, 270-degree immersion rooms are located at IBM's offices in New York, Cambridge and San Francisco.

Throughout the year, the IBM team leads their executive guests on tours of the experience centers.

Each story is told through a variety of approaches including large-scale data visualization, panoramic imagery and choreographed spatial storytelling.

In a narrative about money laundering prevention, banks are represented by large clusters of individual accounts in an expansive space, with transaction lines arcing between them.

A sample of the CSS and JS-based animation assets that I built for use within the broader software (in collaboration with Myles Bryan and Albane Jerphanion).

In a story about disaster management, customers see how IBM's technologies could be customized to help cities respond to a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy.




Local Projects


UX Design Award

Design Lead

Danny Well

Art Director

Christina Latina

Creative Directors (IBM)

Jenny Woo and Rob Harrigan

Design Team

Myles Bryan, Vidya Santosh, Nina Boesch, Albane Jerphanion, McKenna Cole

Project Management

Marijana Wotton, Jeanne Angel

Software Development (Oblong Industries)

Justin Shrake, Michael Schuresko, John Carpenter, Pete Hawkes, Samson Klitsner